Green Under Toenail

If you have started to get green under the toenail, then the changes are that this is not toenail fungus. It’s rare that green discoloration indicates fungus of the nail. In the majority of cases the cause of green toenail is due to a bacteria that is called Pseudomonas. The bacteria grows beneath the toenail when space is between it and the nail bed. This produces a green color, but most often little else. This particular bacteria is fairly easy to get rid of than the majority of toe nail diseases generally caused by fungus, and isn’t serious, requiring a toenail fungus treatment.

How you can remedy the green under toenail condition

The best home remedy or cure is to keep the toenail dry, as this will help overcome the Pseudomonas bacteria. Try to make sure that the nail gets wet under any circumstances. In the unlikely event that it does, you must dry it thoroughly. The bacteria feeds on moisture, so by keeping the toenail dry will help rid the bacteria. The nail also needs to be trimmed short and kept that way. Within a few months the green color should eventually grow out. If for any reason the green doesn’t go away, then visit your doctor as they may prescribe something to help treat the problem.

Occasionally you may find a bruise under the nail, this may appear to be green at first, but if you look closer you will often see reddish or blackish areas which indicate an injury. In situations like this, there is nothing that you need do other than wait for it to grow out. However, if you notice nail discoloration but this hasn’t been caused by injury, you should probably have a doctor take a look at it to rule out the possibility of any underlying medical conditions.

Conditions such as weak and brittle nails, along with yellow tinted nails may also appear to be nail fungus. But this could simply be caused by wearing nail polish without adding a base coat first, or by a condition known as senile nails which is caused by a natural aging process of the nails. All of these are really nothing to be concerned about, and the best course thing to do is to keep the nails hydrated and manicure with a strengthening enamel.

Nail fungus symptoms show themselves in different ways, such as white or yellow discoloration, nails becoming thicker and eventually starting to crumble. Toenails with fungus may even cause pain as time goes on if they are left untreated. But remember having green under the toenail is often no cause for alarm.

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